When you were born, determines your career?

And here you thought your education would determine your career. Apparently it all comes down to what month you were born in. Take a look.

JANUARY.  Lots of doctors and debt collectors, fewer real estate agents.

FEBRUARY.  Lots of artists and traffic cops, fewer physicists. 

MARCH.  Lots of pilots and musicians.

APRIL.  The only career that's over represented in April over time is . . . dictators.  People born in April are also more likely to have lower-than-average IQs, and more health problems.

MAY.  Lots of politicians, fewer pro athletes.

JUNE.  Lots of CEOs.  Also high on Nobel Prize winners.

JULY.  Lots of manual laborers and artists.

AUGUST.  Lots of manual laborers and high-ranking politicians.

SEPTEMBER.  Lots of people in academia and sports.

OCTOBER.  Lots of politicians.  People in October are also most likely to live the longest.

NOVEMBER.  Lots of serial killers.  Also, people born in November are most prone to bipolar disorder.

DECEMBER.  Lots of dentists.  Also lots of religious and secular MESSIAHS