Editorial: Lest We Forget

On this the 10th anniversary week of the attacks on 9/11 the commemorations will stretch the breadth of the country.  It is understandable that we do them but if we really want to honor the men and women who were murdered that day---it's better that we pay less attention to the periodic remembrances and more attention to permanent vigilance.

And, we can start by not referring to 9/11 as a tragedy----which is how we hear it described so often in news programs.  It wasn't a tragedy---it was an attack, an act of war by an enemy who is still out there and who is dedicated to our demise.  And while we're at it, is it really helpful, in that context, to continue to forbid the showing of the actual attack on the Twin Towers in the belief that the images will somehow hurt someone's feelings.

Confronting the brutal reality of this evil deed helps us understand it for what it was.  There will be a certain somber pageantry to the ceremonies this week---and I'm not sure that's what is needed.  Rather there be the same expressions of horror, anger and.. yes..vengeance that we all felt on that day. Or, lest we forget.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.