Lottery scam warning players, beware of the latest “too good to be true” offer

The Ohio Lottery has become aware of a new scam that preys on fans of the Ohio Lottery's top-rated Cash Explosion TV show.  Ohio Lottery security officials were recently contacted by three people in Northeast Ohio targeted by the scam.

These potential victims received a call that purports to be from a member of the Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion production team," says Jack O'Donnell, the Ohio Lottery's Deputy Director of Security.  "They're told they've won a Cash Explosion prize and to expect to receive a package via courier."

They are later told by scammers that the courier is running late and are asked to meet them in a retail parking lot. They're also asked to bring money to pay processing fees and taxes.

"We're concerned about two things," says Jack O'Donnell.  "Identity theft and the taking of someone's hard earned money."

The calls appear to be coming from a New York (718) area code.  Officials stress to anyone who gets these type of calls to call the police immediately.

Below are some tips for anyone who's been  told they've "won" a lot of money:

  • Did you play?  If you didn't, that's the first tip off that something is wrong.
  • The Ohio Lottery never asks winners for the payment of processing fees or taxes.
  • The claiming of prizes is always initiated by the playing customer.

For more tips on how to stay safe against this and other scams, please visit, go to "resources" and click on "scam information."

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