Delay in justice for 11-year old murder victim

Just how much pain can Carmella Holley's family take?

Justice is put on hold for 11-year-old Carmella Holley. The little girl was killed last month when a stray bullet struck her while she was sitting in an Akron apartment.

"My family is suffering."

And now they're forced to choke down news that Vernon Singleton, who was jailed in connection with Carmella's murder, will now not be prosecuted due to lack of evidence.

"Its not fair that he gets to walk."

Police say Singleton and Terrance Roan shot at each other in this parking lot in broad day light when one of their stray bullets hit Carmella as she watched TV inside this apartment.

"How are you going to let someone walk for killing a child?"

With disappointment now piled on top of grief, Terrance Roan, whose stray bullet the family believes killed Carmella will also not be charged with murder but instead with lesser offenses - again because of a lack of evidence.

Police arrested Terrance Roan a few days after the shooting and a short while later Vernon Singleton turned himself, at that point the family was confident justice would be served.

"I don't get it how do you not have enough evidence."

And now the family is left to wonder was there not enough evidence to charged the real killer with murder or is the real killer still out there.

"If anybody out there knows something, speak up, say something."

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