Akron General eliminates 70 LPN positions

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - On Friday, September 9th, Akron General Health System eliminated 70 Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) positions at Akron General Medical Center. Akron General Health System still employs 82 LPNs in various positions throughout the System. The System employs 1,153 registered nurses (RNs).

A large percentage of the vacated positions will be filled with registered nurses, many of whom have already been hired. Others will be recruited and hired over the coming weeks.

Patient care will not be compromised during this transition or thereafter. In fact, the conversion to an all-RN staff will provide a higher skill level for patient care.

The reduction in LPN positions is consistent with both local and national trends in the healthcare workplace. Acute care hospitals, such as Akron General, are converting to all-RN staffs, which offer a more educated workforce with superior skills and training. Acute patient care is increasingly complex and, as such, hospitals must offer medical and nursing staffs that are able to provide the highest level of care. National studies also show that hospitals that employ all-RN staffs witness reduced mortality and improved outcomes within those hospitals.

Akron General stresses that today's announcement is not a cost-saving initiative; rather, this move has been made to enhance and improve inpatient care at Akron General Medical Center through the conversion to an all-RN staff.