Pat Shurmur's Friday Press Conference

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur press conference 9-9-11

 (Opening statement)- "It's a Friday practice and I think the players ran around pretty good.  We got a lot done today. As you know, today is the big emphasis on the red zone and then we review all the other phases.  They have the plan in hand and now it's important that they review and prepare and do all the things that they need to get ready for Sunday.  We will have a good day tomorrow and then we will tee it up."

(On if Tony Pashos is ready to go)- "Tony practiced today so we will see.  It's hard to say right now, but we are hopeful he will be there.  I don't have anything new from yesterday though."

(On how much of a rotation they will use on the offensive line)- "We will react to whoever is in there, but we feel there are some guys in there that would do a good job if they have to play, whether it's at left guard or right tackle."

(On if any questions remain about the team heading into the first game)-"No, not really. In terms of how they are going to respond, I think we will see that on Sunday, but as far as questions, no. I feel good about the process this week.  I feel good about their attention to detail and how they approach preparing for the game.  I've felt good about the practices.  I feel like there was good energy.  They've practiced fast.  The mistakes that showed up maybe yesterday were repeated today and were corrected. I feel god about that.  After we play this thing out on Sunday then we will sit back like we always do on Monday and re-evaluate it and move forward."

(On if he might not be able to sleep Saturday night or feel different Sunday morning)- "Well there is a chance I think.  I am looking forward to the experience.  The preseason games no matter how often you do this, the preseason games get the whole league refocused, whether you are a coach, a player, the officials doing it for the first time in a while, the stadium operations people so those are good lead ups to the season from the how you feel standpoint.  The game is a little faster and the ones are in the longer so some of those things will change, but I will definitely be excited."

(On if the team now is as healthy as it has been)- "I think I have been places before where we weren't as healthy as what we are here now.  You would like to be able to take everybody that you practiced training camp with to the first game.  Unfortunately that is not the case, but yeah, I feel good about the guys we are going to put out there."

(On if Jason Pinkston will start at left guard)- "I won't say at this point, but there is a good chance he could be, a good chance."

(On how players would rotate if Pinkston starts)- "Typically the starter plays and as you go through the game if you have in this case a young starter, you just kind of watch how he plays and then do what you can to help him."

(On if he watched the Green Bay-New Orleans game last night)- "I saw a few clips this morning.  I was actually on the treadmill this morning and I saw the recap.  I heard some of it driving home last night, but I didn't get a chance to watch the game."

(On if his offense will look like the game last night)- "Which one, the winning team or the losing team (joking)?  We want to score as many points as it takes to win games.  It's hard to say.  Teams can't really model themselves after other teams.  You are looking at two teams last night that are at the top of their game right now and they have been doing it for a few years.  We would love to be a team that is going to score 42 points and 34 points every game, that's what we would all wish for."

(On if the game tape from last year's Bengals game is no good because of all of the changes)- "No, we watched it.  In fact we watched the two games last year.  There is a lot you can take from games even though the systems are different.  You can watch the matchups of the players.  There are some concepts that are similar.  You can try to get a feel for the personality of the coordinator and the guys calling the games.  There is a lot to be learned even though it's a different system."

(On his impressions of that game tape)- "I watched them both and what I took away from it was they are a pretty darn good football team.  I also took away from it that they are going to be a good challenge for us and that's where it's at."

(On Mike Holmgren saying the team is trying to sign Peyton Hillis to a contract extension and his thoughts on that)- "Right now my total focus as the head coach is Sunday and he is our starting tailback on Sunday.  I am looking forward to him competing.  All that contract business, I will let Mike and Tom (Heckert) comment on that.  I don't mean to avoid your question really, I will just let that go there."

(On it being important to secure young talent like Hillis and Ahtyba Rubin for a long period of time)- "We are making an effort and Mike confirmed it.  We are making an effort to try to tie up guys for a long term that we feel really good about. Again, it's no different with Rubin's situation, I'd rather not comment on it."

(On Mohamed Massaquoi's performance in practice this week)- "He's looked really good and I have enjoyed this week because we're getting to work with him in his role as a receiver.  I like Mo.  I think he's got some stuff there and I'm looking forward to seeing him do his thing."

(On what kind of a coach Mark Whipple is and what's it like working with him)- "I think he's a fine coach that's why I hired him.  Mark and I had a chance to work together for a year in Philadelphia.  When you work with somebody you get a feel for who they are and I feel like he's done a good job with the quarterbacks and getting them up to speed.  The important thing is everybody's speaking the same language. In the case of an offensive head coach, the quarterback coach and the quarterbacks, you all have to be on the same page.  I think because Mark spends a lot of time with the quarterbacks and drills them and work them, they talk about things and constantly he'll come back to me and say Colt (McCoy) likes this, let's get another rep of this.  That relationship I think is good and it needs to be natural and we all have to be on the same page."

(On the playing time for the receivers)- "I think Sunday, and I've made this point, the receivers that are active will all play.  We have a role for all of them.  When you see them play and the lights are on and they're doing their thing, typically the guys that end up producing are the ones that you'll see out there the most.  That's the case at all positions.  If you're playing in the game and you're asked to produce and you can't produce then we either have to get you better or get you out.  That's the reality of it."

(On how T.J. Ward looked after coming back from injury)- "He moved around well this week.  I'm obviously keeping a close eye on those guys that are recently back full and I thought he moved around well."