Travelers nervous about 9/11 anniversary

With the new terror threat in New York and Washington D.C., if you are the nervous type, this is not the weekend to get on an airplane.

But thousands of people are refusing to give in to fear.

We found high anxiety at the airport tonight. With images of 9/11 still fresh in our heads, people traveling on the 10 year anniversary know that getting on a plane this weekend may carry increased risk.

But that's not stopping Alan Melamed from flying to Newark for a birthday celebration.  Melamed said, "I was just coming here hearing about the new threat, something about a vehicle they're looking for."  He's even flying back on 9/11 so he can go to the Browns game.

Neal Sinha is flying to New York to see his wife, and any anxiety about flying has worn off.  "In the beginning there was trepidation, now things are getting back to normal," Sinha says.

Every traveler we spoke with, said that when they went to plan their trip, they saw the date 9/11 and decided it was not going to stop them from living their lives.

50 percent of the men we spoke with had thought about what they will do if trouble were to break out on the plane, but so far, no incidents to report at Hopkins where security is beefed up through the weekend, and lines are moving smoothly.

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