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Alert: Terror scare in New York


Fighter jets escorted and American Airlines jet landing at JFK Airport in New York.

The TSA says the F-16 jets were scrambled out of an abundance of caution because of a reported disturbance on the plane. Security officials met AA Flight 34 at the gate and will interview passengers.

A spokesperson with American Airlines tells CBS News the flight crew did not request any assistance at any point nor did they ask for a fighter jet escort. The spokesperson says he believes the report of a threat was made by a "third party." Air Marshals were on board the flight, although it is unknown if they assisted in handling the threat.

Sources have reported to CBS News and other media outlets that three people had locked themselves in a restroom on board the plane. The American spokesman cannot confirm the report saying only that to his knowledge, there was never more than one person in the lavatory at a time.


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