9/11 Anniversary: Powerful and patriotic deployment ceremony


On a day that many are remembering lives taken on September 11th, Medina is recognizing sacrifices soldiers and families are about to make because of that same day.

88 citizen soldiers saluted and celebrated today on a poetic day for a deployment.

"Those attacks were against what our nation stands for."

When terrorists struck on 9/11 it changed the course of our country and the lives of thousands of men and women.

"For the last ten years the country's fought the longest war in history with a force of volunteers who said send me," said Col. John Harris, Asst. Adjutant General.

Today's send off ceremony is preparing them for a tour in Afghanistan.

"Sept. 10, 2001, none of us had any clue what Sept. 11 would mean to us, but this is what it comes down to," said CPT. Jeff Christy, Company Commander.

They're gunners, sons, husbands, and fathers.

 "I felt really proud of my dad, because when he's gone I just feel really sad," said Cailyn Christy, dad is deploying.

Families in this combat team know all too well what'll be like, this is their second deployment since 9/11.

"Being a military family we know how hard it is to give up a soldier in general, but it's prideful as well, because we know they're doing what they gotta do," said Jennifer Christy, Husband is deploying.

Robin Jacobs is saying goodbye to one son today, another is already in Afghanistan, one leaving next month, and two more are in the Navy. She appreciates ceremonies like these.

"Sometimes the families get kind of left out, under the rug, and it's hard to keep that positive attitude, so this was awesome," said Robin Jacobs, 5 sons in the military.

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