Community on alert after young mom is shot during home invasion


An Akron community on alert after a young mother was shot during a home invasion.

The crooks wanted cash but left the woman's home empty handed!

"Three men came around my house, two had a mask on, one didn't. They told me to get in the house and where was the money," said Darsharee.

Darsharee is a struggling single mom who told three armed men, she had nothing to steal.

"They just started shooting at me, past my head, telling me I know where the money at, I'm telling 'em I don't have any money," stated Darsharee.

A friend who was also robbed there that night, grabbed her nine-month old and escaped safely, but Darsharee caught a bullet in the pelvis.

"The only one who didn't have the mask on shot me. He tried to shoot me again except he shot his friend," stated Darsharee.

"After that scream we heard gunshots. After that I heard a car driving off real real fast," said Melanie Brown.

Neighbors say this shameful violence is a reflection of desperate times.

"Everybody want some money ain't no money going around so people going to do whatever they got to do," said Paco Stewart.

"The other day someone got shot in the foot, house got broken into. There's just been so much crime that we're moving," said Faith Bigby.

"I think it's cowardly when you shoot someone. I think it's cowardly when you break into people's homes," said Cheryl Price.

Bullet casings still litter the Madison Avenue home, bullet holes in nearly every room. Nothing was actually taken, but the victim still feels robbed of plenty.

"I haven't been back to my house, I'm scared to go back to my house," said Darsharee.

 Police are still searching for suspects in this senseless crime.

If you have any information, give them a call.

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