President Obama talks jobs but mostly education in Ohio

President Obama's speech on Tuesday was about education and putting more money into our schools.

With dozens of schools closing down across northeast Ohio, classrooms falling apart and hundreds of teachers losing their jobs the plan to put millions into education sounds enticing.

But is that really what will happen?

Well certainly the president is all about saving our schools and giving our kids a chance for a future.

But that future may not include the teachers that are in the classroom today.

The president's jobs act calls for big investments in our schools:
*30 billion will be used to enhance the condition of our buildings
*5 billion will go to community colleges

The plan would put hundreds of thousands of Americans to work, jobs for construction workers, engineers and electrical workers.

But teachers fighting for their jobs here in Cleveland are a little disappointed in the plan.

"I thought we would re-hire our teachers back we need teachers in the classroom," said Kenthia Holton.

"If you don't have the teachers the education of the children is not going to improve," said Mrs. Ehlinger.

Though without Mr. Obama's help the district found a way to keep teachers who were expected to be laid off in October.

But they still face an $11 million shortfall.

"We are going to have to look at additional cuts that will affect the classroom," said Eric Gordon , Cleveland Schools CEO.

CEO Eric Gordon had hoped the president's plan would help prevent more layoffs.

Instead it will help districts like Cleveland with buildings at first books in the long run.

"Even if they do get it through it's going to be watered down. It will take a long time for it to go into effect. I may have a full head of hair by the time that thing passes," said Larry Weekland.

The Cleveland School District, under Obama's Plan ,will be allocated some of the largest funds over $129 billion.

Of which none of that includes laid-off teachers.


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