Heartless low life who stole dying wish from cancer-stricken girl arrogant, not remorseful

The low life who stole from the family of a dying girl with cancer was in court Wednesday, and showed zero remorse.

36-year-old Hamza Abuhamdeh was indicted on three counts of theft.

The victim's daughter was admitted to the hospital in May 2009 for treatment of cancer. The Make a Wish Foundation offered the patient a wish. She wished for a home to live in with her mother and siblings rather than the apartment in Rocky River.

The victim had contacted Abuhamdeh, a cousin, through a network of friends to purchase a home for her and her daughter. The mother had received donations from the network of friends and Rocky River Schools for her daughter and the purchase of the house.

The victim collected $120,000 in cash and gave it to Abuhamdeh to purchase a house in North Olmsted located at 4007 Fielding Drive. Abuhamdeh maintained the paperwork needed to be finalized on the home before they could move in.

After several months he gave the victim back $30,000, but never the remaining money. The defendant rented the house to someone else.

The victim's daughter lost her battle with brain cancer in June of 2010.

"She was a dying girl," said 19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky said to Abuhamdeh in court on Wednesday.

"We all gonna die," Abuhamdeh responded. "She's my first cousin."

"But her wish wasn't granted thanks to you," Orlousky replied.

"No comment."

"I wouldn't think you'd have much to say about that."

"I wish every child in the world would get their wish," Abuhamdeh said.

"But you took this one away," Orlousky said.

"I did not."

"Did she live in the house?" Orlousky asked.

"She live in a better house now," Abuhamdeh replied.

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