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Editorial: The President's Re-election Plan

It is becoming abundantly obvious that President Obama's $400 billion jobs program is more about getting him re-elected than it is about creating jobs. 

The president's political calculus is to put forward proposals he knows the republicans can't swallow and then paint them as obstructionist culprits who are harming the economy. 

And boy he didn't wait long to reveal that strategy-warning on Monday that politics was stopping his jobs plan and saying so hours before he even sent the legislation to Congress.

Well the president knows the so-called jobs plan won't pass in its current form because---though he hasn't spoken about it---the small print in the bill calls for big tax increases in the future to pay for those tax cuts he is promising today. 

And so, the 2012 presidential campaign, framed by the White House as a class struggle, is off and running. Fixing the unemployment problem will just have to wait.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.   


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