Investigation into sick football players concludes

(WOIO) - The Elyria City Health District and the Ohio Department of Health have concluded their investigation into a suspected food borne illness that struck the Elyria High Football Team September 16th.

The illness affected at least 49 of the 87 players that attended a team meal on September 15th causing the school district to postpone that Friday's football game versus Strongsville.

All of the ill players reported gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. One player was seen at EMH Medical Center for his symptoms

Officially, the cause of the outbreak will be listed as unknown. Laboratory tests showed that it was not Salmonella or Norwalk Virus, but there was no food left from the meal to test.

A bag of lettuce was submitted to the lab but not tested, as illnesses associated with lettuce did not match the pattern of the outbreak.

The Elyria City Health District is planning to bold food safety education seminars to the parent and support groups of the athletic programs on a routine basis.

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