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43 Forum: Dress for Success

(9/18/11) - My two guests Melony Butler, Executive Director of Dress For Success Cleveland and Meghan Wilson, Board Chair of Dress For Success Cleveland talked about how they came to be a part of the organization. 

Melony is a former clients who moved through the ranks of the organization that collects clothes for women in need of proper dress for job interviews. 

Meghan saw a way she could help women who needed to get their lives together and find a way to get back into the workforce. 

Dress for Success Cleveland also offers resume writing, computer labs and counseling for women. 

It offers courses that encourage women whose self-esteem may be low because of life experiences. 

It also teaches women how to hold onto a job once they get one. 

It teaches a strong work ethic, positive attitude, being on time and how to juggle other responsibilities, such as family, while also working. 

The organization has several fund-raisers three of which are coming up over the next couple of months.  We discussed those events, the when and where and what time, etc, etc.

Dress for Success Cleveland - (216) 391-2301

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