Browns Friday: Pat Shurmur

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur press conference 9-16-11

(On coach George Warhop indicating it could be several weeks until Tony Pashos returns)- "We'll have to see.  He's still in the boot and he's probably going to be out this week.  Then I think we'll just take it week to week, but there is a chance."

(On practicing outside rather than inside knowing Indianapolis plays in a dome)- "I think the surfaces that you find now in domes, we've worked before inside, I think the surfaces are similar.  To get a feel for the dome, we'll do that in warm-ups, we've played in domes before so I don't think that's the issue.  We've got more room outside here. I think practicing on the grass is a little bit easier on their legs so typically we'll do that."

(On if either Artis Hicks or Oniel Cousins have separated from the other)- "Not really, we'll probably start Artis in there, but you'll see Oniel in there as well."

(On Mike Adams playing in his 100th game)- "One hundred games, that's a tremendous feat in this league at any position.  That speaks to durability, that speaks to having a good long career and I'm sure it'll be meaningful for him."

(On if Pashos had any kind of setback)- "No, I wouldn't consider anything a setback right now.  We're just trying to get it settled down.  Unfortunately, sometimes you can't really predict the final time."

(On what Mike Adam brings to the team)- "He gives leadership, he's done a really good job of helping direct in the back, which is part of what he does and he played well in the game.  He's a guy that were glad is here and it's always good when you're working some younger guys in there to have a veteran presence like Mike."

(On Joe Haden's overall performance)- "I thought Joe played an aggressive game where he was very, very efficient and I'm happy with what he did in the first game.  Again, I think as we move forward here, we expect that type of performance from and he expects it from himself.  We're hoping he'll have another good one like he had here Sunday in Indy."

(On matching Haden up against a specific receiver)- "No, their receivers typically will play right and left so we haven't talked about that.  If we get into a situation in a game and we're playing a steady does of man then that could happen."