Plane crashes into grandstand in Nevada

RENO, NV (WOIO) - "Mass Casualties" reported after a plane plunged into the grandstands Friday during a popular air show in Reno, NV.

CBS affiliate KTVN is reporting that the pilot and 12 others were killed. As many as 100 were reported injured.

There are conflicting information, however, about whether the plan crashed directly into the stands or hit nearby tables.

"This is a very large incident, probably one of the largest this community has seen in decades," Stephanie Kruse, a spokeswoman for the Regional Emergency Medical Service Authority, said. "The community is pulling together to try to deal with the scope of it. The hospitals have certainly geared up and staffed up to deal with it."

Witnesses said the plan veered to the right and then went straight into the ground.

"We could see the plane coming around the far turn - it was in trouble," Ronald Sargis said after the crash. "About six or seven boxes down from us, it impacted into the front row."

He said the pilot seemed to do everything he could to avoid crashing into the crowd.

After the crash Sargis went into the grandstand to view the downed plane.

"It appeared to be just pulverized," he said.

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