Driver involved in Berea police crash: given multiple 2nd chances

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has learned the man who crashed into a Berea police cruiser, had a valid drivers license, because he had been given multiple 2nd chances by Judges!

Records show Roy Skinner has more than 60 prior traffic convictions; including, drunk driver and speeding.

In August, Skinner caught on Berea Police dash cam crashing into a police cruiser. Police Officers say they were looking for a man zooming around on a motorcycle, when Skinner t-boned them. Police say he was drunk and speeding.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles says each court decides the punishment. Skinner had his license suspended 11 times, but each time he works the system and gets his license back.

Skinner nearly died from his injuries and he may have permanent injuries. No Officers were injured.

A grand jury will now decide if he will face charges in the Berea chase.

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