Exclusive: Strongsville man uses axe to attack his wife and daughter


It's was like a scene out of a horror movie and it played out in a Strongsville home. A man is accused of using an axe to attack his wife and daughter.

The sicko's daughter, who is recovering from axe wounds of her own, is praying that her mother, who took the more severe blows from the blade, will survive. 

"It was just a nightmare. You just want to wake up," said Bilyana Simonoski.

Bilyana Simonoski says her mother Milka had been trying to kick

Her abusive alcoholic father, Aco, out of their Strongsville home for weeks but he wouldn't leave. One day when they came home from church she says he went from defiant, to violent and came at them with an axe.

"He was like, I'm going to kill you. He went in the garage and got it and started swinging towards her. I grabbed it and he hit me," said Bilyana Simonoski.

The 22 year old wrestled the axe away from him in the garage, but couldn't keep him away from her mother.

"He was just punching my hands, this one was cut to the bone. He was able to go in the house one more time and hit her," said Bilyana Simonoski.

Bilyana's fingers nearly severed, and bones shattered. Her mother may never recover from her head wounds but she's showing small signs of recovery that are encouraging to Bilyana and her siblings.

"We were telling her how much we missed her and stuff. Right after that she lifted her hand and opened her eyes and then she did it again, put my hand in hers and gave it a squeeze," said Bilyana Simonoski.

Friends and neighbors are now rallying around these survivors.

"This family is in desperate need. They're basically foster children because dad's in jail and mom's in critical condition," said Charmaine Kuckler.@

Bilyana's dad is in jail on attempted murder and assault charges, that's where she hopes he'll stay for a long time.

If you'd like to help them, you can donate to the Simonoski Family or help with the Nov. 12th Fundraiser, by calling 216-759-1718, or you donate at any Charter One Bank location, or at the Silver Style Kiosk in SouthPark Mall.


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