RTA urges commuters: Don't 'X' out public transportation

People who ride RTA may notice something very different about the commute in Cuyahoga County.

Large red Xs were painted on RTA vehicles to send the message: Don't 'X' Out Public Transportation.

The two days of events will highlight what federal proposed cuts of 30% to transportation would look like.

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, at noon on Public Square, the Ohio Contractors Association, which represents public works caretakers and infrastructure, including more than 116,200 miles of roads, 42,000 bridges and miles of water, sewer, energy and communication lines, will join RTA, ATU and public transit customers for a rally highlighting what the Red 'X's signify in cuts to all transportation funding.

"The transportation bill affects almost everyone, our public transit customers and everyone who uses our roads, bridges and highways," said Calabrese. "We're glad to be here with the Ohio Contractors Association to highlight the need to keep funding transportation in the future."

"Cuts being considered by Congress could mean jobs lost in transportation industry, from RTA to highway projects to other construction scheduled in the near future," said Chris Runyan, President of the Ohio Contractors Association. "All transportation funding is at risk, affecting OCA members and thousands of Ohio businesses in one way or another."

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