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Carl Monday Investigation: Policing the Police

A Carl Monday investigation into police misconduct is getting results.

You may recall a couple of cops were caught, in Carl's investigation, loading rocks into police cruisers when they should have been protecting and serving the public.

Tonight, we ask the question: Who's policing the police?

Officer Steven Zeisel was suspended for a month while his partner Patrolman Kirk Wolfe was suspended for three weeks.

The patrolmen are part of a police community response team known as the special services unit. They were supposed to be paying special attention to neighborhood crime in the Third District but as we discovered, and a follow-up police investigation confirmed, that wasn't always the case.

On three separate days back in May, we caught the pair at a private business loading landscaping bricks into the back a police cruiser. From there, we followed the officers back to the Third District, where Zeisel transferred the bricks to his car on city time. We found similar bricks at Zeisel's suburban home.

When asked about what they were doing, they wouldn't talk to 19 Action News, but both officers did have to answer to Police Chief Michael McGrath, who ordered an internal affairs investigation. They quickly found what we did: Patrolmen Zeisel and Wolfe abused their badges, and used their duty logs to cover it up.



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