Streetsboro: Hazmat incident closes roads for a short time

STREETSBORO, OH (WOIO) - Multiple calls, including a hazardous materials incident and a kitchen fire, taxed the resources of the Streetsboro Fire Department Wednesday afternoon. The first incident, called in at 11:59 a.m., involved a resident being exposed to an initially unknown chemical at his home in the 1900 block of Frost Road.

On arrival fire and EMS crews found a male with difficulty breathing and chest pains following exposure to the chemical he was discarding on his property. The Portage County Hazardous Materials Team was contacted to determine what the chemical was and to prevent further contamination of the area.

The male was transported to Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna and is reportedly in stable condition. Four fire fighters, two from Streetsboro and two from Aurora, were also exposed to the chemical. As a precaution, they were taken to Robinson Memorial Hospital for decontamination and medical evaluation. All four were soon released and reported back to duty at their respective stations late in the afternoon.

The Hazardous Materials Team determined the chemical was a pesticide and a neutralizer was applied to it to eliminate further hazard to humans or the environment. Frost Road between Page and Elliman Roads was closed for approximately three hours as a precaution.

A second incident sent fire crews to the 9000 block of Portage Pointe Drive for a kitchen fire at 1:24 p.m.  A resident of one apartment was attempting to warm food in the oven. Combustibles stored in the broiler below caught fire causing minor damage to the appliance. There was smoke damage to the apartment with minimal smoke exposure to the entire second floor. Residents on the second floor were evacuated until the situation was brought under control.

Utility service to the stove and oven were disconnected and the smoke was ejected from the building. Residents were permitted to return within the hour. Damage is estimated at less than $500.00 and no injuries were reported.