Editorial Response: Mel Machuca

My name is Mel Machuca and I am responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about President Obama's $400 billion jobs plan.

In this political climate, any bill offered by the president will be attacked as a move to get re-elected or an attempt to get another stimulus package through which will only increase spending and raise taxes.  

Congress states that any jobs bill must include spending cuts first. Meanwhile, the GOP continues to give a rehash of the same tired rhetoric that has stifled progress for the past two and a half years. Their mantra - cut spending, lower taxes and remove regulations – has already cost vital jobs like teachers, police and firemen. Their belief is party before country. It should be the opposite. 

Defeating President Obama has become the GOP's priority.  Anything that might be in their way- like not maintaining the nation's credit rating or a failed economy - is merely collateral damage.  

The president's move to take it to the people is the only alternative. This bill gets the discussion on jobs started. We can't afford to wait. 

Thank you.

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