Editorial: Embracing a tax increase

I must have been out to lunch on the day that it happened but sometime in the past few years it became fashionable for a large number of people to demand an increase in taxes.

Now to be sure, most of those who support increasing taxes want them increased on someone else not on themselves. But still there are many other influential voices - including billionaire Warren Buffett, who support tax increases on any and every upper-income entity in the United States including them.

There's a valid argument as to what defines upper-income of course but that's another story. In an editorial this week, the New York Times not surprisingly, I guess, endorsed the president's call for higher taxes on the rich and on corporations saying that it's the kind of language Mr. Obama needs if he wants to get re-elected.

Well, I don't know about you but where I came from taxes might have been grudgingly endured but never embraced by anyone rich or poor and no one ever got elected by promising to raise them.

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