Browns Friday: Hillis Out Sick

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur press conference 9-23-11

(Opening statement)- "Peyton Hillis wasn't out here, he came in and wasn't feeling well this morning so we just sent him home.  We'll see how he's doing, but whatever it is we don't feel like it's going to affect him on Sunday, that's the reason he wasn't here.  Then you saw (Tony) Pashos practicing. As I mentioned earlier in the week, he was trying to do more and he did do more.  We haven't ruled him out for the game yet, but we're just going to have to sit down and finally decide.  As soon as we make that decision we'll find a way to get it to you.  Other than that, it was a good practice. I wish we could have stayed outside, but that's what the indoor facility is for, when the weather gets bad."

(On if Hillis was sick)- "Yeah, he was sick."

(On if Hillis had any other injuries)- "No, he just wasn't feeling well.  It just happens this time of year so we felt like the best course of action was to just send him home."

(On if Montario Hardesty is ready for an increased workload if necessary)- "Yeah, when it happens at any position the next guy gets more and his backup gets more. It was good for Montario to get with the one's in most of the reps today.  That'll help push him along and get him ready to play."

(On if they could have Pashos active and not play him to give him another week off)- "That's something we've got to talk about and decide.  We want him to be able to play and if he's in there, we'd like him to be the starter.

(On if he sent Hillis home so the other guys don't get sick too)- "I don't know, that's a better question for Joe (Sheehan). I think he just wasn't feeling well and to give him the best opportunity to get as much rest and fluids as we could. That was it."

(On Hillis' availability for Sunday)- "We'll evaluate how he's doing tomorrow, but my thoughts are that he'll be there."

(On how Mohamed Massaquoi did in practice the last couple days)- "He did fine.  We had him limited and he's had a little soreness so we tried to limit him so he's ready to go on Sunday."

(On getting Hardesty touches in the first quarter so he can get into the flow of the game)- "I'd like to see him play early in the game so where that ends up being, it would definitely mean the first half and probably the first quarter."

(On how important it is to win at home)- "I think we need to start getting ourselves in a position where we have a chance and then we go out and compete and win.  It's always a lot of fun to win at home.  Our opponent just happens to be the Dolphins who are very good on the road, as we've talked about, I'm aware of that, but it's very important to win at home."

(On Eric Hagg having a helmet on today for the first time since training camp)- "He was running around and he's getting himself back to where he can practice fully.  He's a guy that's making steady improvement.  He was out here doing some actual football drills."

(On if Titus Brown is close to returning)- "He's getting close as well, but again we didn't have him in any of the drills yet."