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GoodCents & Dominion East Ohio Partner to Offer Updated Home Performance Program

GoodCents is partnering with Dominion East Ohio to offer an updated program to better assist customers in reducing their gas bills.

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program helps homeowners reduce their heating bills while making their homes more comfortable and energy efficient.

The program fee has been reduced to $50 and includes a comprehensive assessment of the home by a BPI (Building Performance Initiative) Certified Goodcents Technician. During the audit, each homeowner receives free improvements such as foam insulation, door sweeps, and low flow showerheads. The homeowner also has a choice to receive a free carbon monoxide detector or have the $50 program fee refunded if they take advantage of the rebates on additional improvements.

The audit begins with a three to four hour comprehensive home energy assessment performed by a GoodCents-certified auditor. The auditor performs an array of tests including a furnace inspection, appliance combustion analysis, a blower door test to indicate air leaks as well as an infrared camera test to locate inadequate insulation levels and to determine where air is leaving the home.

Program rebates depend on the work being performed. For example, purchasing a natural gas furnace has a rebate level of up to $400 and can be combined with an air sealing rebate which reimburses contractor cost at up to $40 per hour. The rebate cap for an individual home is $1,250. After any work is completed, a GoodCents auditor will test to ensure safety and quality assurance.

Dominion's rebates can be combined with federal energy tax credits, manufacturer's rebates and other incentives to further reduce the up-front costs of improvements. To participate in the program, the homeowner must be an eligible Dominion East Ohio residential gas heating customer and must first schedule an assessment by calling (877) 287-3416.

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program, developed jointly under the direction of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, is the nationally recognized comprehensive in-home energy audit providing analysis, testing and education components. Participating audit customers are encouraged to implement home improvements that are also eligible for incentives from Dominion East Ohio.

About GoodCents:

Based in Atlanta, GoodCents is an industry-leading energy company that specializes in Smart Grid Solutions, Energy Efficiency, and Research and Data Analysis for utilities across North America. With over 30 years of experience, GoodCents has an acute understanding of the challenges utilities face in meeting demand and energy reduction goals and maintaining reliability. The company provides highly-effective mass market programs to the residential and commercial sectors. A team of 300 industry professionals is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of service, from the design and implementation of programs to the marketing and recruitment of customers and measurement of results. Through the years, GoodCents has continued to broaden its portfolio of offerings to become a comprehensive service partner to utilities across North America.