Children's Services shows up to check on kids, finds them alone

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Around 9:30 a.m. Friday, Elyria Police Officers were called out to assist a case worker with Lorain County Children's Services at a home on Melvyn Lane.

The case worker told officers that when she arrived at the residence a few minutes earlier, the 3-year-old answered the door and allowed her to enter.

The worker called out for an adult in the home, but no one answered.  She searched the residence and located a 10-month-old alone in his crib.  She checked outside the residence as well.  After it was clear no one else was home, she contacted her supervisor and police.

After being in the residence approximately 10 minutes, the mother, 26-year-old Erin Day finally showed up.

Day told the case worker she was out back smoking, but the case worker and officers observed that it was clear she's smoked in the house.

When Day found the case worker in her home, she became angry and grabbed the children and left the residence, without putting coats on the children, and walked down the road in the rain.

The case worker stayed with her as she walked, and police arrived.  Officers say they found Day holding the 10-month-old and screaming at the case worker and another male later identified as Steven Knapp, father of the children.

Day became increasingly belligerent and would not cooperate with officers even refusing to let go of her infant so officers could get the children out of the rain.

Officers were able to get the child, and after a struggle places Day in handcuffs.  At this point they detected a strong odor of alcohol.

As officers attempted to place her in the patrol car, she screamed obscenities and began kicking at the door.  Handcuffs were then placed around her ankles, but she kicked an officer in the chest.  They then wrapped a seatbelt around her legs to try and control her kicking, but she just began banding her head and thrashing around.

Once Day was in the patrol car, officers spoke with Knapp who wasn't very helpful with police, but did say that Day had been across the street at a friend's house.

Knapp didn't seem too interested in taking the children, so the case worker took them to Children Services with her.

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