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Browns fans try not to let the economy interfere with their fanhood

The economy is forcing some Browns fans to cut back this season.

It can be pretty expensive to be a football fan buying tickets, parking, tailgating food and of course getting geared up!

The game day experience comes with a hefty price tag so 19 Action News talked to some fans trying to have fun without breaking the bank.

So just as the team makes adjustments, so do its fans.

"We don't buy Browns tickets because it's a party in the muni lot," said one fan.

No cover charge or tickets needed for this free entertainment.

"Just staying in the muni lot. Not leaving. Browns tickets are too expensive. So we're not going in," said Karen Miller.

You can't get into the stadium for less than $35 a piece. Many who usually go to every game, have scaled back massively.

"The first home game I'm going to since the season started will be next week so I'm not sure if I'll make any more games but that's pretty much what it is," said Steven Moore.

"We have cut back a little bit on going inside to the games. Especially with the kids, we can't afford to take the whole family in," said Ray Miller.

Even if you don't buy expensive tickets to go into the game, tailgating can cost you a pretty penny so some people are really scaling back.

"We bring our own food. Try to do our own thing out here."

Even a small tailgate is better on the budget than a whole afternoon at a bar.

"You figure you can spend, on liquor, nothing here. And at a bar you're spending triple so here's cheaper."

And as someone on the 19 Action News Facebook page pointed out, the people really hard hit, can't spend the gas money to get down here so they're watching from home.



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