Tailgating too far: Drunk guy goes on rampage, then gets a beating


Video of tailgating from Sunday's Browns game that was making the rounds online has since ben taken down from Youtube.

It shows a drunk fan going berserk.

The video, that starting to go viral here in Cleveland, appears to be from this weekends tailgating. It's troubling, puzzling disturbing.

For some reason the man is banished from what looks like a radio DJ while tailgating.

And the next thing you know, he strips down to his underwear.

Then for yet another unknown reason the man heads back to the crowd and appears ready to take on all of them.

And to make matters worse, it sounds like the DJ encourages the beating he's about to get.

Much of the apparent beating takes place away from the cameras view although you see a few people get in some kicks.

After a full minute the nearly naked man is seen again being hauled out a little worse for the wear.

We want to know what you think about the video.

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