Editorial Response: Christine Newman

My name is Christine Newman and I am responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about President Obama raising taxes. 

I say President Obama's tax promise could never decide his re-election. First, voters see a candidate as a package deal, a package of everything from personal appearance and perceived sincerity to promises on burning issues.

Second, I would never underestimate the power of the American voting booth. Enter that private space and we surf the wave of the ultimate American freedom. In that solitary moment, we each vote any way we choose. No explanation required.

Today, it's popular to say Obama is unpopular and elementary to see that he is too academic.  Still, he undeniably resonates with regular people across this country. Just look at his sweeping win in 2008 and the massive grassroots-funding he is capturing right now. I think we can take that to the bank. Unless, of course,the electoral college goes rogue. 

Go on and surf your freedom.  Enter the great American voting booth in 2012.  Thank You.


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