Two arrested for stealing Cleveland cop's ID

Dennis Jarrell
Dennis Jarrell
Heather Porter
Heather Porter

BROOK PARK, OH (WOIO) - A man and a woman in police custody for allegedly stealing a Cleveland police officer's identification and wallet.

19 Action News was on scene Thursday morning as Cleveland and Brook Park police officers swarmed the Airport Plaza Hotel on Brookpark Road.

They towed a police officer's personal car from that hotel parking lot.

The car is registered to laid-off Cleveland Police Officer, Risa Shabazz.

Police say Heather Porter and Dennis Jarrell broke into her car at the hotel and stole her i-d and credit cards.

They then tried to use a stolen credit card at the Brooklyn Super K-Mart to purchase 25-hundred dollars worth of merchandise. An alert clerk called the cops. The suspects were nabbed in a cab as they tried to flee the scene.

Both suspects had been staying at the Airport Plaza Hotel. Police searched their hotel room and found more of the Officer's belongings.

Porter and Jarrell are now in police custody.

Officer Shabazz was found safe at the hotel.

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