Braco: Croatian phenomenon stares the sickness of out thousands of followers


People claim they have been healed by a man's gaze.

The Croatian phenomenon makes no such claim himself but he's in Cleveland and plenty of people wanted to be stared at.

For the past 16 years Braco has made his living by casting his gaze on people...lots of people. Some claim to be either physically or emotionally healed through him.

About 100 attended his first show and more lined up for later ones. Braco appears on stage, says nothing and gazes at the people attending for a couple of minutes then leaves. They brought varying expectations.

"I'm not sure a shift in energy."

"Be a better person, so I'm very interested in it."

"I'm not sure what to expect."

Braco doesn't claim to heal, just to unlock energy through love. He got lots of loving gazes right back.

"Braco stopped speaking entirely in public eight years ago because he didn't want to explain," said Braco Biographer Angelica Whitecliff.

So his entire act is talking at all, just gazing. He's doing nine gazings and at $8 a head his price point is chosen wisely. If it works great, if not who's gonna complain.

At the gazing many brought photo's of loved ones, others quietly dabbed tears.

"I cried before he got there even."

There were testimonials from those who had seen him before.

"I got up the pain was gone and I'm not exaggerating it was 100% gone."

Braco's rabid followers provide advance publicity, he really doesn't have to say a word, they say it all for him.

"It's about the love of the creator that he brings to us."

Braco is starring at the Renaissance Downtown from 10 AM-7 PM. He's offering 10 sessions and each session lasts 30-35 minutes. Sessions begin each hour.

The Final 7:00 PM session will include a bonus addition of 'The Voice' played after the live gazing. 'The Voice' is an eight-minute recording of Braco speaking, and offers another way for attendees to receive this gift into our lives.

One note: Individuals may attend as many sessions as they wish but they must be 18 years old and pregnant women are not allowed to attend after their third month of pregnancy due to the intensity of the energy.

If you missed Thursday's sessions log on to his web site, BRACO for more information.  


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