Exclusive: More pain for the family of a woman murdered by serial killer Anthony Sowell

The family of a victim of Anthony Sowell is still suffering thanks to a big mix-up on a death certificate.

"I'm like, who screwed this up?" asked Jim Allen, father of Leshonda Long.

Long was one of eleven women killed by Sowell. The serial killer left only her skull in a bucket. 

Long's dad recently received a letter saying the skull had been cremated. It was cremated without his permission.

"I had to start making phone calls. Everybody passing the buck from this to that to that,"  Allen said.

Allen had asked the county to hold the remains, hoping someday the rest of his daughter's body would be found.

But the paper says the cremation happened last year.

"We're in the last phases of healing. Trying to get some closure here and then bam," said Allen.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office says it still has the remains. The former Coroner blames a paperwork mix up at Gaines Funeral Home, so 19 Action News went there.

Our cameras were met by the woman whose signature is on the document.  She says she doesn't know what happened.

"You don't know what to believe, who to believe," said Allen.

Again, the Medical Examiner's Office claims to have the remains. Allen says now, after this, he wants DNA proof.

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