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Last Fan Standing: 25-year season ticket holder says he was kicked out of a Browns game

Kicked out for standing up?

That's the ridiculous claim from a Cleveland Browns fan.

Most people agree, if someone is acting like a jerk, they deserve to get kicked out of the stadium but what if they're just a passionate fan, who gets "into" the game and jumps out of his seat a lot?

Rob Stipe is a classic Browns fan. He wears the gear, dresses up for games, even the Pee Wee football team he coaches is called the Browns.

Bottom line, the 35 year old house painter lives for Cleveland Browns football.

"To be in the dog pound, is like one of the best things in my entire life, I love it," Rob Stipe said.

But recently, Rob was thrown out of his seats 10 rows up in the dog pound for standing too much. Someone behind him complained, and after one warning, they tossed him for excessive standing.

Rob gets the fact that the Browns, like a lot of NFL teams are trying to make their stadiums more family friendly. He claims he wasn't drunk and says he's courteous to people around him.

"If I could, I would stand the entire game but I don't because that is disrespectful to other people," said Rob Stipe.

Rob sounds like a reasonable guy but maybe, he's really a jerk. You know the ones, the kind that make you feel embarrassed to be in the same stadium?

So reporter Paul Joncich gave Rob the "Jerk Test." A series of questions about what is and isn't acceptable at a Browns game.

Paul: "Question #3, throwing up on the guy next to you?"
Rob: "No, that's totally unacceptable."

Rob passed the test, he's clearly not a bad guy. He's just a passionate fan, who feels like they're changing the rules of the game.

But these are not new rules. A Browns official tells me they've been on the books for several years but he couldn't say how many people have been thrown out for "excessive standing."

Needless to say, Browns fans, aren't happy about it.


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