Administrative charges filed against two Bedford bars

BEDFORD, OH (WOIO) - Agents with the Ohio Investigative Unit conducted search warrants on two liquor permit establishments in Bedford after receiving complaints of gambling violations.

Agents filed 14 administrative citations at the Automile Inn, Inc., at 76 Broadway Ave. and 12 citations at R K & J, Corp., also known as Mr. Gees Lounge, at 593 Broadway Ave.

Each location was cited for three counts each of the following:

• Acquire, possess, control or operate a gambling device;

• Electronic video gambling device;

• Game of chance for profit or scheme of chance; and

• Operating a gambling house

Also, agents cited the Automile with one additional count each of drug paraphernalia possession and drug possession.

"By allowing illegal gambling to take place, liquor permit premises are knowingly breaking Ohio law," said OIU Executive Director Robert Booker. "Activities such as this can be a catalyst for other illegal acts."

Administrative charges are filed against the liquor permit and will be forwarded to the Liquor Control Commission. Possible administrative penalties could include fines, suspension or revocation of the liquor permit. Additional criminal charges could be presented to the Bedford Municipal Prosecutor for their consideration.

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