New details on Metro job cuts

Metro announced plans to eliminate 450 jobs earlier this week.  19 Action News has learned that part of those job cuts will come when Metro closes 144 beds at a skilled nursing facility in Old Brooklyn within the next three months.

The good news is, the facility will not close.

Metro will have to move 136 patients from their Skilled Nursing Home, located in the old Deaconess Hospital in Old Brooklyn.

Norma Fulton, a visitor to the nursing home, is not happy with the decision.

"I am surprised after they went through all that to come down here."

The good news is the Senior Wellness and Fitness Center is staying open and that's thanks to Metro moving things around and that's terrific news after a 65 million dollar investment in 2007.

Metro officials broke it down for our reporter, Scott Taylor Friday morning, the change is allowing the hospital to move it's in-house rehab patients from their main facility over the Interstate to this one in Old Brooklyn.  It also frees up space at the main campus.

The following statement was released to 19 Action News on Friday.

It is important to note that the facility is not closing. We are only closing long term care and skilled nursing beds.

The Senior Health & Wellness Center remains very busy with a robust geriatric clinic, the PACE program and many other important services for seniors like our Senior Advantage Program. There are plans to move inpatient acute rehabilitation from the main hospital to the Senior Health & Wellness Center, a move that will allow for future growth of rehabilitation services at the Old Brooklyn site and free up space in the main campus Towers for possible future expansion and enhanced single occupancy for hospital patients. The consolidation of acute rehabilitation services at Senior Health & Wellness Center will allow for further expansion of these needed services in a setting ideal for acute rehab patients.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich announced a town hall community meeting to discuss the crisis at MetroHealth. The event will be held on Monday, October 10, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Merrick House located at 1050 Starkweather Avenue, Cleveland.

"MetroHealth has taken on a disproportionate amount of uncompensated care in Cuyahoga County. Instead of seeking fair reimbursement from the Cleveland Clinic, which has not paid its fair share, they have chosen to cut jobs and go after the most vulnerable people by cutting service. At the same time, they have given away millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to CEO Mark Moran's previous employer and have a grossly inflated salary structure for top employees.

"This is fundamentally wrong. It's an abdication of the primary responsibility of MetroHealth. It's time for the community and the county to start asking tough questions.

"MetroHealth needs to hear from the community about the unacceptability of its policies. I intend to hold a forum to give patients, Metro employees and other public officials an opportunity to be heard in the interest of developing alternatives to stop the layoffs and protect service to the most vulnerable among us."

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