Crime Crackdown: V-GRIP strategy begins next week

Cleveland city officials will unveil a sweeping new crackdown to tackle gun violence across the area next week.

The crackdown will include a new strategy based on V-GRIP, Violence Gun Reduction Interdiction Program.  City, state, county and federal officials will go door to door targeting guns in high crime areas. The program is similar to one done recently in Youngstown.

"We are addressing the gun violence in the city," McGrath said in an interview on Sept. 21. "(Criminals) don't have any respect for their selves, no respect for their community and who they may harm.  It's a cultural thing, a generational thing, and it's something we'll have to deal with as a community."

The V-GRIP strategy comes as new crime numbers were released. Homicides with guns are up 15 percent over last year, and non-deadly shootings are up almost 12 percent.

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