Rain causing issues for some Parma residents

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - The week's nagging rain left lanes of traffic underwater at the intersections like Snow and Stump Roads in Parma.

Those conditions became downright dangerous for a Parma woman, who slipped on a slick front walk at required help from EMS.  And it was certainly an annoying day to be without a car, and burdened with a list of errands that couldn't wait.

"It's been terrible, wet, miserable, cold," said Russ DiFranco, who had to venture out to visit his mother in the hospital.  "I have two coats on and I'm still cold."

Proud grandfather Ray Prock braved the conditions to watch his granddaughter score two goals at Byers Field.  "It's freezing.  It's way too early to be this cold," he said.

The Cleveland area was saturated this September, and so far October hasn't been any better.

"I'm very sick of it.  And I'm not looking forward to the snow either," said Prock.

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