Cleveland Clinic's new health center

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They're calling it a top of the line facility. The Cleveland Clinic's new $25 million investment, The Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center, in East Cleveland.  A building that will focus on outpatient care. But it doesn't come without controversy.

The Cleveland Clinic shut down Huron Hospital which provided emergency services. Officials say they had no choice to close the doors because of a declining population.  Fewer patients using the facility.

That's not sitting well with some members of the community. Art McKoy says "They said we could go to Metro, they said we could go to Hillcrest, but it looks like to me they're pushing us under the carpet."

Clinic officials tell us this new center will have specialized care, health and wellness education and even a chef to help patients learn how to cook inexpensive healthy meals.

The Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center will officially open Monday, October 3rd.

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