Man uses poisonous snake in assault on girlfriend

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Elyria Police were called to the Walgreens on Cleveland Street early Friday morning for a woman who had been assaulted by her boyfriend.

The victim, who was visibly upset when officers arrived, stated that her live-in boyfriend, Matthew Rudisill, had assaulted her.  Officers noticed that the victim had a laceration under her right eye, bite marks on her arms, and scratches on her neck and back.

After talking with the victim, officers learned that the victim had received a call from Rudisill stating that he was going to mess her room up.  When the victim got home, nothing had happened so the victim tried to leave, but Rudisill blocked her.

At that time, the victim said that Rudisill grabbed a coral snake from its holding tank and threatened that if she left he'd set it free.  He then grabbed the snake by the tail and milked excrement from it, then shoved his hand in the victim's mouth causing the victim to gag.

Rudisill returned the snake to it's tank and stood nose to nose with the victim telling her to hit him.  She attempted to leave again, but he shoved her into the doorframe causing the injury to her eye.

She fell to the ground and Rudisill laid down on top of her.  When she tried to push him off of her, he bit her arm.

She struggled with Rudisill then finally was able run out of the house and drive to the Walgreens where police responded.

The victim signed domestic charges against Rudisill and then went back to the home to retrieve belongings.  Rudisill was there and the victim called police, who showed up and arrested him.

Coral snakes, according to Wikipedia, have one of the most potent venoms.

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