Still no sign of Youngstown businessman Jim Donofrio


Youngstown Police will continue the search for Valley businessmen Jim Donofrio on Monday.

It's day seven and family and friends of are still looking for him.

Donofrio, of Boardman, has not been since Sunday, September 25th.

His family members say he was headed to his restaurant, the Avalon Gardens on Belmont Avenue, when he vanished.

Sunday, OSP lent one of their choppers to assist in the search by air. Officials say they spent the day looking along the Mahoning River from Youngstown to Lowellville.

"We got the helicopter. We're going to slow it down and, you know, aerial-visual, maybe we can see something," said Youngstown Police Chief Rod Foley. "There's no signs of foul play. You know, the first couple days we were unsure of that. But as things came to light later in the week there's no signs of foul play at this time."

Foley says they are running out of ideas as to where to look for Donofrio. But he says the outlook isn't what they had hoped this time last week...
"We're just trying to be as thorough as we can. We've done a lot with the rivers this week. But there's nothing to say he was in the river other than the location where he was last seen," said Youngstown Police Chief Rod Foley. "Right now he's still missing and hopefully something good with come out of it. But, you know, it's just not looking good at this point." 

Donofrio's car was found Monday morning.

If you have any information on where Jim Donofrio may be, call Youngstown Police.


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