Ontario, Canada police say Patrick Borally may have been trying to take his own life

New information on Patrick Borally, the 41-year-old Richmond Heights man found in Ontario, Canada Sunday night after disappearing last Monday.

A tape of the phone call between Ontario, Canada police and Richmond Heights police, reveal when found in Ontario, Borally was sitting in his van with the hose from the exhaust running, in an apparent suicide attempt. The Ontario, Canada police officer also explained Borally was too upset to talk to his wife on the phone.

Borally's brother-in-law, Tim Lawless, tells 19 Action News that Borally was found near George's Bay close to an area where he would go fishing.

Lawless said two family members are on their way to Canada to bring Borally home, but offered no details when pressed for answers as to why he left.

The FBI says this is now a closed case because Borally left on his own free will. They do have details on how Borally ended up in Canada, but will not release them because this is not a criminal case.

Around 7PM Sunday evening, Borally's family says a woman with the Canadian authorities called Borally's wife, alerting her that the authorities had found Patrick and taken him to the hospital to get checked out. Patrick was found to be fine.

Borally was last seen Monday, September 26th, when he left the family business in Richmond Heights around 2PM to buy some fall mums.  

Richmond Heights Police began searching for him on Tuesday when his wife notified police that her husband had been missing for a day and had not called home.

No charges will be filed against Borally because he left on his own free will. The FBI will not ask Borally for compensation for searching for him. No word on whether Richmond Heights will seek compensation from the businessman for their search efforts.

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