Patrick Borally: Missing man's wife speaks candidly about husband's disappearance


Kathy Borally is speaking out about circumstances surrounding her husband's disappearance in Canada. She also is saying Pat is safe and on his way back to Ohio.

During the days that Pat Borally was missing, his wife and the network of people who were searching tirelessly for him were desperate for an explanation for his mysterious disappearance. They got one Monday, and it involves a close call and a doctor's diagnosis.

"I want to thank everyone who has been there for us who has searched for Pat, who has sat with me and most of all everyone who has prayed because our prayers have worked. He is coming home," Kathy Borally said.

41 year old Pat Borally is en route home from Canada. He's safe, but not well.

He was found north of Ontario inside the van he left in.

Kathy says her husband was evaluated by a doctor who diagnosed him with a serious brain disorder that could be related to a childhood case of spinal meningitis.

"I always said this wasn't Pat who left me and now I know it wasn't," said Kathy Borally.

Kathy says Pat doesn't remember anything but he seems positive now and ready to return home.

"Right now we need to be a family and get Pat well, get him the help he needs," Kathy Borally said. "He's coming home to us and that's all we ever wanted."

Borally's mother and father-in-law made the trip up to Canada to bring him home safely.  

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