Ford Agreement: Not everyone is happy about the new jobs coming to the area


19 Action News has told you several times about all the jobs that have left northeast Ohio.

Now we have a story about jobs coming to the area but for some reason, not everyone is happy about it.

Ford's Avon Lake plant is one of four facilities that will be getting it's share of 12 thousand new jobs promised by the American automaker. This after many thought the plant might close. Also big news the Brookpark location will remain opened saving nearly 400 jobs.

But, while out west they are celebrating out east employees at the Walton Hills Stamping Plant were told the 2 million square foot facility would close. Bad news for Eddie who's store sells a lot of lunch time sandwiches to Ford employees.

"It's not a good thing they are not happy about," Eddie said. "Same people everyday. They stop in for lunch coffee and a muffin."

Walton Hills Mayor Keven Hurst, feels for the Ford employees. For 29 years he worked in a tool and die plant and he knows manufacturing has taken a huge blow.

"It hits home. These people are the backbone of America," Keven Hurst said.

And he says 20% of the city's income comes from here but the city has known for some time this might happen.

"Trying to redevelop trying to move forward on whatever we can do on the property," Keven Hurst said.

As for Eddie, he was blindsided. He bought here 10 years ago based on the business of the plant and it's employees are his friends. He wants to know why Avon Lake and Brookpark were saved and not Walton Hills.

"It's not fair it's not fair. It's fair for them but not for the people here," said Eddie.


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