Apple's Iphone reveal could affect you, whether you have an Iphone or not

The new Iphone 4S was unveiled Tuesday and is going to be here in time for the holiday season.

Its faster, thinner, has a new camera and a voice command like no other.

Apple stock fell just a bit when they wheeled out just a retooled version of the Iphone 4, instead of bring out the all new Iphone 5.

Still the Iphone is the best selling smartphone but it faces fierce competition from others like Google's Android.

But as usual Apple fans ate it up.

"They just need to keep building these devices and doing it well and I don't see any way that isn't going to happen right now," Kent German said.

Apple is rolling out new services to stay relevant.

Including let's you store music, documents, photos and more on Apple servers so you can access the information from anywhere, including your cell phone.

There are also several other new phones out trying to give it a run for its money.

CLICK HERE for a great web site that compares four of the best.


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