Reward offered for information in Parma dog's shooting death


A reward is now being offered for information in the shooting death of a Parma dog.

Diesel was found dead from two gunshot wounds earlier this month.

The Coe family has no idea why someone would want to harm their beloved family pet, and are now offering a $1,500 reward for the conviction of the person who caused the death of Diesel.

For Kimberly Coe and Diesel, it was love at first sight. She raised him from a pup and showered him with love. He was her best friend.

That's why Kimberly panicked when Diesel bolted after a deer one early Saturday morning.

"He, ah, he heard a noise and just took off. So I instantly ran into the backyard after him," Coe said.

Kimberly and her family searched the neighborhood for Diesel, but came up empty.

A few hours later, police found Diesel's body outside a church about a mile from the family home. They assumed he'd been hit by a car, but the pup had been shot.

"I cried for a second, then I was so mad, I just didn't understand how anyone could do that," said Coe.

Not only was the 11-month-old Husky shot, but the vet who examined Diesel's body told the family Diesel was probably shot at close range.

"The direction of the bullet, he was looking at the person who shot him," Coe said. "It ricocheted off his tongue. Part of his tongue was missing. The vet believes the bullet was so hot, Diesel spit it out."

If you have any information regarding Diesel's death, call Parma Police at 440-885-1234.

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