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43 Forum: Surviving Domestic Abuse

(10/10/11) - My guests talked about why they became involved in the fight against domestic violence and child abuse. 

Laura Cowan told her story of surviving domestic violence, rape, physical and emotional abuse by her husband, who is now serving 6-life terms in prison. 

Cowan talked about how she and her four children were beaten and locked in the garage for six months. 

She was able to escape only when a registered letter came to the home and her husband had to take her to the post office to sign for it. 

She was able to slip a note to the clerk who in turn called the police. 

We also talked about how physical and sexual child abuse, bullying, teen dating abuse, intimate partner violence, stalking and elder abuse affect their victims. 

Linda Dooley Johanek says when children see domestic violence against their mother they are victims too.  She also said that child abuse victims tend to end-up abusing as teen or adults. 

We informed viewers of WUAB 43 FORUM that The Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center has a couple of events coming up later this month. 

The agency offers counseling and a shelter as well as a 24-hour HELPLINE.

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