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Exclusive: Cops close in on the hit & run driver who killed an Olmsted Township teen

Charlie Kho Charlie Kho

Olmsted Township Police believe they have found the driver who struck and killed a 13-year-old boy and they are close to making an arrest.

The big break came when someone brought in a damaged 2008 Sable to the Ganley Body Shop Tuesday in Middleburg Heights.

It was the receptionist, Gina, who felt something was horribly wrong.

"The first thing we usually ask what insurance company is this going through and she said it wasn't," said Gina.

The driver, a woman was willing to pay $2,500 in repairs out of her own pocket.

Charlie Kho was walking when he was hit by an SUV Monday evening at 27216 Cook Road.

The teen was rushed to Metro, where he died Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday was his 13th birthday.

The driver fled the scene and Olmsted Township Police sent out an alert.

When Gina saw the car, she called police.

Gina, who wanted to conceal her identity has been crying for Charlie for two days and wishes she could have done more.

"I wouldn't have been able to leave here knowing that I thought that car had something to do with that accident," Gina said.

Police are now working with the prosecutors office on charges.

Charlie was in 7th grade at the Academy of St. Adalbert in Berea.

The principal says he was kind, funny and loving.

Every Friday, Charlie was the only student who wore a suit to go to the school mass.

The school is also starting a Charlie Kho scholarship fund. The money raised will go towards students who can't afford a Catholic education.

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