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Editorial: Occupy Wall Street ideology

A recent poll shows that a majority of Americans support that Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York. But based on the results of a separate poll conducted recently by former Bill Clinton pollster Douglas Schoen, of those inside the protest, it's a safe bet that most Americans don't share the group's radical ideas. 

The poll of 200 protestors reveals a group not only interested in fighting Wall Street greed but which believes in a radical re-distribution of wealth, civil disobedience and in some cases, violence. According to the poll, the majority of the protesters are actually employed and half have participated in a political movement before.

65% of the group says the government has a moral responsibility to guarantee all citizens access to health care, college education and a secure retirement no matter what the cost.

31% said they would support violence to advance their agenda. Well, while most Americans may sympathize with what they think the demonstrations are all about, this poll shows that the ideology governing the group is less mainstream than we may have thought.

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