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Editorial Response: Anthony Giardini

My name is Anthony Giardini and I am responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial on the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

As a middle class Democrat, I agree with the central theme of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, namely that an out-of-control commercial banking industry created a long-term financial crisis for short-term profits. These large commercial banks were bailed out by the U.S. taxpayers and those same bankers returned the favor by taking sinfully large bonuses. 

They now add insult to injury by aggressively resisting reasonable regulations, by imposing ridiculous fees on consumers and by making it nearly impossible for small businesses and solid consumers to obtain loans for even the safest of investments.

The middle class is being hammered out of existence. We are tired of it and occupying Wall Street is a manifestation of our frustration. Wall Street, once the symbol of economic opportunity in this great nation, has become corrupted by greed and arrogance. Rise up Cleveland. 

Thank you.


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